SHOPMODA Reward Program

Terms and Conditions

The SHOPMODA Reward Program is a loyalty program offered by SHOPMODA.


To participate in the SHOPMODA Reward Program, our customers must be at least 18 years old. A customer may become a member by enrolling online at or signing up in person at one of our SHOPMODA locations. To enroll, you must provide a valid email address, phone number and your first and last name. Enrollment is free, and no purchase is necessary.


Customers who enroll in the SHOPMODA Rewards Program agree to receive email messages with information about SHOPMODA's latest events, promotions, their accounts, as well as other promotional emails and marketing from SHOPMODA.

How to Earn Points

Points can be earned on any purchase in-store and online at For each $1 spent on merchandise purchased while enrolled in the program, the Member will earn 2 points. Points are earned on the net purchase amount after applying all discounts, offers, coupons, and rewards redemptions. Points earned for returned merchandise will be deducted from the Member’s account. Points cannot be sold or traded and are not transferable unless otherwise expressly stated.


The member is responsible for keeping the account contact information current and updated. No responsibility is assumed for incorrect addresses or failure of email to be received. Rewards can only be used for merchandise items and will be deducted from the transaction total before any other coupons or promotional offers are applied. The value of the Reward is prorated over each of the items purchased. Rewards cannot be sold or traded and are not transferable unless otherwise expressly stated. Rewards have no cash value. Any Customer who returns merchandise acquired with a Reward will receive a new Reward.

Updates and Changes

These terms and conditions, as well as any program elements, may be amended, updated, changed or terminated at any time at the discretion of SHOPMODA. Notification of any such event, including the effective date, will be posted at If you disagree with a change, your sole remedy is to cease participating in the program.


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